Redesigning ATM experience

UX Design

A class project to research and prototype user experience for bank ATM. We as a group started to understand user stories and ended up with conducting user testing with mockups we prototyped.


Bank is one of the most essential function for us living in this age. ATM which should enhance bank's functions is sometimes not simple enough for daily use. As a class project, we were given to review and rethink its user experience. The project started with understanding users and their use of ATM and ended up with user testing with mockups we prototyped.

General Research

Before we started user research, we began with a brief research about ATMs, its functions and technologies/products which would be alternatives potentially. We found some new technologies/products related to something users expect banks to have. And we understood the people and the context the users are placed and also understood these all are likely to change in the near future.

User Research

After that, we worked on interview and observation to understand users. We asked various people who use bank and ATM in usual, and people who don't about how they use function of banks and ATMs and what they expect around money matter. We also observed user flows at several bank's ATM.

We build three personas as a start to describe stories about ATM based on our learning from the interviews and survay. We carefully picked up characteristics from the results and combined those as personality of the three persons. And then created user stories they are likely to have as well as user journeys including context, touch point between user and ATM service and emotion they would have at the point and also chances they would feel problem on the flow. Now we were well on our way to strengthen our hypothesis about the problems users apparently or potentially have.


We explored alternative ways to overcome current problems we defined and picked up ideas we would work on prototyping by cost and impact evaluation. New ways to provide conventional services of bank and an improvement of user flow at ATM were included in our pick.


We prototyped our idea or UI individually and each of them became experimental piece.

User Test

As the end of the project, we carried out user test with our prototype. Positive feedback strengthened primary idea for solution and negative feedback helped us to find what we should focus on. We ended our project by getting ideas for next iteration cycle to improve our hypothesis and approach to it.